If you bump into this site you will probably already know what geocaching means…Otherwise you wouldn’t be on this page….

If not, you can find the complete ‘bible of geaching’ by clicking here :

We discovered geocaching in 2014 through a cousin of Suzette. Never heard of it before but the way this guy explained how it worked, we were curious and agreed to make a little tour together to find out about the secrets of geocaching.

We started with our little family : myself (Solange), my friend (Suzette) and my daughter (Imani).

After this first introduction we created our own account and were ready to go geocaching.

Our name : The Power of Three

Although our daughter didn’t join us anymore after a few weeks and we continued with the two of us we kept our initial nickname.

In 2014 we didn’t have that many ‘founds’. As we were constructing a new house we unfortunately had to put a lot of time in this project but we knew that as soon as our new house was finished, we would start our new outdoor adventure immediately.

We both have flexible and irregular working hours. Advantage is that we can often go ‘on tour’ during weekdays and avoid crowded touristic paths.

In this blog we will write on a regular base about our geocaching days and we will upload some pics.

Happy Caching !

Solange & Suzette